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Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico! The perfect combination of well, EVERYTHING! Now, things will eventually go back to some sort of normalcy, but since I traveled during Covid (fully vaccinated) there was a very strict curfew so my "going out" experience was limited.

Day One:

I arrived to Puerto Rico around 2:30 in the afternoon - Flew Southwest from DC, with a layover in Florida. Prior to my flight I needed a negative Covid test and to fill out a CDC form that the airline sent. When I arrived there were very disorganized lines to scan your form and check your negative test. If you didn't fill the form out prior to arrival there was a place to do it there. But just do it before, makes everyone's life easier.

Once I made it through and met up with my friends we took an Uber to our hotel. They don't have Lyft, just Uber. We were staying in San Juan, which was about a 15 min drive from the airport.

We staid at La Concha, which was BEAUTIFUL! After checking into the hotel we walked about 10 min down the main strip to a small grocery story where we got some things for breakfast so we didn't need to spend a ton of money. It was getting a little later so we changed for dinner and took a walk on the beach for sunset. Since restaurants were closing super early with the curfew we had to go to dinner on the earlier side. We walked down Conodo A and found a Chinese restaurant that allowed us to sit right before closing. Food was good and reasonably priced.

We walked on the beach a little after dinner and called it an early night, partially because of the Covid curfew partially because we were exhausted from traveling.

Day 2

I woke up around 6:00 am, perfect timing to see the sunrise over the ocean. I walked down to the beach for a little sunrise yoga.

We decided it would be best to rent a car for other actives we had planned later in the week. I highly recommend reserving this prior to arriving in PR, it was not easy find one last min. The car was relatively inexpensive and was totally worth it.

And yes, we were mobbing in a mini van.

After spending the morning on the beach drinking a few cocktails and soaking up the sun, we adventured to pick up our rental car.

On the way home we stopped to get dinner at this lost in the city which has a ton of super yummy food trucks.

That night we decided to go out for a little on Ashford Avenue, which is the main strip along the Condado. It reminded me a little of what Bourbon Street is like in Louisiana. Sadly, there was a very strict curfew because of Covid, so we weren't able to stay out too long.

Day 3

The following morning we woke up early and were on the road by 7:00am to Gozalandia Waterfall. It was about a two hour drive. We parked in their parking lot and made the walk down stairs in the jungle where it brought us to the base of a riverbed and a stunning waterfall (shocker).

There were a few waterfalls in the jungle that you can swim in.

One even has a rope swing! JUST DO IT! I recommend going early, because it will get busy.

We drove a little farther to town called Aguadilla to go to Survival Beach. It's about a 20 min hike through the jungle to the beach. Its BEAUTIFUL and secluded. When we made it back to the car there was a man selling cold coconuts, which was SO refreshing!

That night we hung at the hotel and had some drinks at the pool.

Day 4

The next morning was another early one! We began our adventure driving through the El Yunque National Forest. Make sure you look before you make the drive, we had to reserve tickets for the National Forest the night before. We arrived at our first destination - a waterfall of course! It was a short walk to the falls, but I recommend wearing Chacos or Tevas since the bed of the waterfall is pretty rocky. It was quite early still and we were covered by the forest so it was a little chilly, but so refreshing.

Juan Diego Falls

After we drove back down, out of the forrest. We made a right at the bridge which took up to the Charco Frio River. We laid in the water and on the rocks for a while and chatted it up with some locals. It was really so stunning!

We drove back to the hotel and it was time to PARTYYYY!

Day 5

On our last full day we decided to lay low, hang by the beach and soak in that sun.

That night we ventured into Old San Juan. We walked around the city where there was a protest taking place so there was a lot going on. With Covid, the city shuts down SUPER early so dinner was a little challenging to find, but there were plenty of very yummy drinks.

Last morning!

I woke up for early morning beach yoga and swim.

We walked to Cafe Regina, a little neighborhood cafe about a mile from the hotel - highly recommend the avocado toast. Then walked back and pooled it up until it was time to fly back.

Overall, I loved Puerto Rico, would love to go back when their Covid regulations are lifted. Check out my Instagram highlight to see more pictures from my trip!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Be safe and happy dreaming!



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