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I spend a lot of my time, as many of us do, daydreaming - what's next, where can we go, what should I do? Our world is so big - so many people and cultures to learn from, so many foods to eat, and waterfalls to swim in. 

I have been so thankful for the travel blog community who has shared their daydreams that came to reality. I too want to use this space to share the adventures I've had, both big and small, hoping to make the travel plans for you a little easier, as they did for me. But adventures come in all sizes. I want to shed light on some of the small adventures you can have without traveling around the world. I will share some advice I have on the limited travel I've had.


For so long I've sat back and watched others do while I dream, now it's time to live! So, I hope this can be inspiration for all of us to start living some of our daydreams, because is the mist of living new dreams arise.  

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